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Should I Book an Auto Detail in December?

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Most people ask me, "Should I wait until spring or get some work done before winter (snows)". The answer is simple; both! Unless you can only afford to get it done one or the other. I will always recommend a full detail in the spring, followed with a deep clean package in the winter.

Winters in British Columbia usually include road salt, snow, slush. All sorts of moist, and muddy weather.

My recommendation is to get a thorough detail done between spring and summer. Preferably a package which will include a clay bar treatment, iron decontamination, and a polish if required.
As the winter months approach, book yourself in to get a maintenance detail for the exterior detail to maintain it's longevity. As well to book a full interior package to remove any dirt and contaminants you will track in during the rainy fall season.
A good coat of wax before snow falls and the salt is sprayed will protect your vehicle from unintentional scratches. Your vehicle will be easier to clean the next time you decide to get it detailed again.

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