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Auto Care Vs Car Wash?

For many people, we do not enjoy scratching our vehicles. Whether it be from the grocery store, driving off road, or leaving dirt on your vehicle too long. No one likes cleaning their vehicle just to reveal unknown scratches.

What is the WORST THING you can do to your vehicle's paint? In the industry we call it the "5$ ruin your paint job package".

If you notice an auto detailer using a brush on your vehicles body, turn around and run. The touchless car washes are okay, but let's he honest they don't do anything. You drive away with dirt still on your vehicle.

The brushes used at the car wash are regularly used to clean wheels and tires. This traps dirt and rocks into the fibers of the brush. Eventually some unlucky person takes that same brush and uses it on hood of their car.

If you notice a detail shop using a brush to detail vehicles, turn around and never go back. This is a very amateur move and you will find this done in a large number of detail shops and dealerships. This is one of the many practices that divides glorified car washes from experienced auto detailers.

As the industry leader in auto detailing, we treat your vehicle like our own. A brush will never touch your paint. Always double bucket, pre wash, and numerous other methods to ensure you are receiving top notch auto care detailing, as well the safest cleaning procedures for your paint. We pride ourselves in our commitment to serving you with the highest degree of quality. Within our ever evolving industry, we are constantly innovating and evolving to remain the highest rated auto detailing company on Vancouver Island.

Kevin Lowe

C-Clear Auto Detailing.

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